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Teaching Religion in a multicultural European Society

News: TRES application is submitted

Last week of February we delivered the application package at the post office. The decision is to be expected in June. If our proposal will be selected, we will meet (or your colleagues) at the Kick off conference of TRES II on 4-5 November in Vienna.

TRES II: Interreligious Learning

We worked out a new application for an “academic network” within the Lifelong learning Programme of the EU. TRES II will focus on Interreligious Lerning.

Project title: Teaching Religion in a Multicultural European Society II: Interreligious Learning (TRES II)

If you are interested: Please contact Marielle van der Klooster or TRES at University of Vienna.

Members of the preparatory group:

Erik Eynikel, Nijmegen NL (Chair)

Marielle van den Klooster, Vienna AT (Administration)

Martin Rothgangel, Vienna AT (Coordinator)

Robert Schelander, Vienna AT

Stefan Tobler, Sibiu RO


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