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TRES I (2005‐2008) focussed on three sub‐themes:

  1. Multicultural situations and religious education in school.
  2. Religion in conflict.
  3. Religion and social welfare.

The first subgroup focused on the positions of the teachers of religion in regard to this increasing multi‐cultural situation. An empirical survey questioned the concepts and objectives set by the teachers of religion in the different European countries, each with their religious‐confessional background and limited by the legal and traditional frames set by the policies of the states and religions (analytic axis). Several recommendations and models for religious education in a multicultural environment were formulated (conceptual axis).

See H.G. Ziebertz, Ulrich Riegel (eds.), How Teachers in Europe Teach Religion, Münster, 2009.

The second subgroup focussed on “Religion in Conflict”. This group produced a manual: E. Eynikel - A. Ziaka, Religion and Conflict. Essays on the Origines of Religious Conflicts and Resolution Approaches, Harptree Publishing, 2011. www.religionandconflict.com

The third subgroup Religion and Welfare: A. Backström e.a. (eds.), Welfare and Religion in 21st Century Europe. Volume 1: Configuring the Connections, Farnham: Ashgate, 2010 (pp. 256).



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