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TRES … Teaching Religion in a multicultural European Society

TRES is a European network of academic institutions and other professional organisations engaged in “Teaching Religion” (mainly) in an academic context. The partner institutions and organisations are confessional or non‐confessional and their representatives are people with different professional and religious backgrounds.

The practice of academic teaching and learning of religion (Theology/Religious Studies) implies transmission of religion (“teaching religion”) in its diverse forms. Moreover, both learning and teaching religion are shaped by the multi‐religious and multi‐cultural society in Europe.

The strength of TRES is its broadness:

a) The inclusion of all EU and associated countries in Europe, which makes TRES unique when compared with other networks.

b) The inclusion of different confessions and religions: Christian, Jewish and Muslim among the participants.

c) The pluriformity in (educational) perceptions on the theme religion.



Teaching Religion in a multicultural European Society
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